How Do College Basketball Players Keep Their Hands Dry?

College basketball dominates the hearts, minds and screens of sports fans during the month of March.  Fans obsess over every detail, from when a #16 seed might win (congrats UMBC) to the charm of a team chaplain (we already miss Sister Jean).  But one detail may have gone unnoticed…

What were those horizontal lines on the hip panels of uniforms worn by teams in the semi-finals?

It’s what major brands who manufacture college basketball uniforms call a “dry hand” or “wipe” zone, designed to keep players’ hands dry without the player having to leave the court.

Achieved through the use of flocking this innovation is fundamentally similar to DRYV Technology as first introduced by POINT 3 Basketball in 2010, and incorporated into college basketball uniforms in 2015.

In March, when dry hands can mean the difference between a make or a miss, an early exit or a deep tournament run, these players and the companies who provide their uniforms want to be sure sweat does not get in the way of performance.