KontrolFreek launches Performance Gaming Wear line

“With Adidas getting involved via Team Vitality, we mustn’t forget that there are more endemic clothing brands focused on elevating eSports apparel themselves. KontrolFreek is a major supplier and the first of this new line was unofficially debuted at the MLG tournament in Vegas back in December 2016.”

KontrolFreek unveils performance gaming clothes for gamers

“Are you a gamer serious about your passion? If so, KontrolFreek has unveiled a new line of clothing targeted specifically at you and your similarly passionate fellow gamers. Called Performance Gaming Wear, the company’s new clothing products are designed specifically for gamers, offering elements like larger-than-average hoods to accommodate headsets and giant pockets in which console controllers can be stored.”

These e-sports shorts have moisture-absorbent panels for your sweaty gamer palms

“KontrolFreek seemingly wants to become the Under Armour for e-sports players…While athletes require breathable shorts, or temperature-controlled shirts, e-sports players have different needs. KontrolFreek thinks it’s adequately addressed them.”

There Is Finally Performance Clothing for Gamers

“Now, will wearing this hoodie and shorts make me into the perfect gamer? No, of course not. You need time, skill, practice, and Adderall for that. But every little bit helps when you are duking it out in Dota 2, and I for one am glad KontrolFreek has made the gear that helps me be the gamer I’m truly meant to be.”

Are you a sweaty gamer? These special clothes will cure your clammy hands

“If you’re a serious gamer, wearing clothes that maximize your performance may be just the ticket.”

KontrolFreek Performance Gaming Wear: Cool and Comfortable

“…the Performance Gaming Wear line passes the most important test of product design: KontrolFreek gave me something I didn’t know I wanted until I had it.”

Finally, Performance Clothing That Stands Up to the Rigors of Sitting on Your Couch

“…the oversized hood on the gaming hoodie—which accommodates headphones and allows for 180-degree peripheral vision—makes sense. It’d be handy both during a heated gaming competition…”



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