Most U.S. based textile industry professionals know the center of our universe is in the Carolinas and even more specifically than that, Raleigh – home to North Carolina State University.

But do you know TPACC??

It’s the Textile Protection And Comfort Center, based in the College of Textiles on the NC State campus.   TPACC draws on the expertise of the college’s faculty and staff to utilize emerging technology and testing methodologies to aid and advance initiatives in the subjects of textile materials science, technology and industrial development.  Effectively, they pair a world class lab that has the ability and infrastructure to perform virtually any test related to textiles, and pair it with the industry’s top teaching professionals who can not only advance TPACC’s mission, but teach the next generation of textile professionals how to as well.

Perhaps the program that best utilizes TPACC’s strength is the Senior Design course in Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science.  This year long capstone presents student-led teams with relevant industry projects that can leverage their classroom knowledge and access to TPACC facilities and staff to complete.  Projects are defined by Sponsors – generally companies in the apparel and/or textile industry looking to not only advance their defined initiatives, but also eager to support industry development.

DRYV is not only a TPACC customer, using its lab to perform the majority of our fabric testing, but is proud to be completing our second consecutive year as a Senior Design Sponsor.  It’s thanks to TPACC and the testing development performed by members of our Senior Design teams that has helped to establish DRYV’s stringent standards that allow our approved fabrics at perform at the industry’s highest levels.

We will use this newsletter as a way to keep our universe up to date on the exciting new research and development coming out of NC State’s TPACC and our Senior Design teams.